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Securing the Future of Father Judge

By contributing to The Campaign for 3301, you are taking part in a monumental quest. With your support, we can continue to advance in education for our future “Judge Guys”, while the best parts of our school remain unchanged. Because at Father Judge, we’re more than just a high school. We’re an academy for life. At Father Judge, our boys are given the chance to be who they are, and be that exceptionally well.

Together, we shall not fail.

Together, we will celebrate our advancements and successes.

Together, we will secure a prosperous future for
Father Judge High School for decades to come.


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When you support Father Judge High School, you’re backing a winner. We are a proven institution, with a seventy-year track record for success. We’re proud of our Salesian founding, and grateful for our growth and accomplishments - yet we are not resting on our laurels. Our school leadership team partners with The Friends of Father Judge High School, Inc. to seek financial commitments that will provide a better personal and academic experience for the “Judge Guys” of today, and for decades to come. Every donation matters, and the time is now to contribute.

Raised: $11,000,000 Goal: $20,000,000

Father Judge High School

All the world behold our triumph reigning. We of JUDGE forever are prevailing.

Friends of Father Judge

Supporting Father Judge High School in its mission to educate students in the likeness of its patron, St Francis de Sales.