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We invite you to join us on a crucial quest to ensure positive outcomes for our present and future students. With your help, we will continue to expand our facilities; we will provide additional classroom resources; and we will expand our pathways for academic and career success. Each and every gift to The Campaign for 3301 will support the redevelopment of our school and allow us to sustain our educational experience for years to come. We are confident of the support of our alumni community and look forward to the future we will build together.

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When you support Father Judge High School, you’re backing a winner. We are a proven institution, with a seventy-year track record for success. We’re proud of our Salesian founding, and grateful for our growth and accomplishments - yet we are not resting on our laurels. Our school leadership team partners with The Friends of Father Judge High School, Inc. to seek financial commitments that will provide a better personal and academic experience for the “Judge Guys” of today, and for decades to come. Every donation matters, and the time is now to contribute.

Raised: $11,000,000 Goal: $20,000,000
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Learn why our alumni is doing what it takes to Secure The Future of Father Judge.

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The Friends of
Father Judge High School, Inc.

Big plans are underway at Father Judge High School. Our leadership team in partnership with The Friends invites you to help champion our mission to enhance the student experience for years to come. Every dollar contributed to The Campaign for 3301 stays at the school and makes an impact on our students. Learn more about The Friends and why they are so important to our success.

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