Empowering Breakthroughs with State-of-the-Art Labs

Today’s Father Judge science students are inhibited by limited equipment and outdated physics, biology, and chemistry labs, which haven’t been updated since 1954.


Crucial updates to those spaces will empower students to meet the academic requirements for AP and dual enrollment courses — earning up to 60 transferable college credits, and qualifying for associate’s degrees upon their high school graduation.


By addressing the following initiatives, The Campaign for 3301 will create an environment that supports advanced science education, and ensures our students’ safety and success.


Renovating Lab Facilities

The science wing will be refreshed with updated existing lab spaces and infrastructure, modern safety equipment, enhanced ventilation systems, and increased storage for chemicals and equipment providing flexible, reconfigurable learning environments.


Upgrading Lab Equipment

The campaign will help purchase new equipment — including microscopes, safety gear, and digital data collection tools — that meets the standards required for AP and dual enrollment courses.


Developing Safety Protocols

Safety takes top priority via the development and enforcement of strict lab protocols, including staff and student training on proper handling of chemicals, following emergency procedures, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace.


Collaborating with Industry Partners

Through collaborations with local businesses and universities, students will gain access to additional lab facilities for experiments and training sessions, as well as guest lectures and additional hands-on experiences.


Professional Development

Science teachers will gain opportunities to stay updated on the latest advancements in lab practices, safety protocols, and curriculum design for AP courses.


Advocating for Support

Our facilities will continually improve through ongoing engagement with school administration, parents, and the community — demonstrating the importance of new labs in fostering student learning, college advancement, and future STEM careers.

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