Career Pathways Academy

A Future With No Limits

The Career Pathways Academy at Father Judge High School will provide a next-generation learning environment. With a focus on mechanical and physical trades, we will offer students an opportunity to learn and develop skills that lead to employment opportunities that have high-earning potential. Whether our boys are best suited for white-collar or blue-collar professions, Father Judge High School promotes the mantra of St. Francis De Sales… “Be Who You Are, And Be That Well.”

“ The CPA is the marquee pillar of The Campaign For 3301. Nothing is more important as we preserve the mission of Father Judge.” ~ Mike Sicilia ’89

Located within the Father Judge campus, the CPA will offer an expanded welding center, as well as the Faulkner Center For Automotive Excellence.

Science Wing Renovations

A Future of Big Opportunities

The sciences are a valued component of the academic experience at Father Judge. With your support, we will provide long-needed upgrades and improvements to our science facilities. Up-to-date laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences, and other disciplines, provide the necessary balance and opportunities for a quality, high school education, The ability to invest in new equipment and technologies will give our students the best opportunity to succeed as they prepare for college and their careers.

Athletic Improvements

A Future of Shared Success

As we all know, high school athletics offers opportunities to expand and enjoy high school life. And, the at-large community recognizes and supports Father Judge High School for excellence in various sports programs. We offer team and individual pursuits, challenges and rewards, training and competition, and league memberships that enable the school to achieve state-wide recognition. These offerings attract a large percentage of our student population, and they deserve our commitment to provide the best possible facilities, equipment, and coaching to be successful. We have invested a great amount of money in improving facilities, most seen outside the building. Yet, the athletic locker rooms have been overlooked for far too long. The Campaign for 3301 commits to providing new locker room facilities, ensuring a top-flight experience for our student-athletes.


Securing the Future
of Father Judge

Much of the success of Father Judge High School can be attributed to the financial contributions of our graduates, spanning more than fifty years. Alumni faithful have provided hundreds of thousands of dollars, which our administration uses to award academic scholarships and financial aid to deserving students and families. In this way, we continue to serve our mission to provide a Salesian education. After more than twenty years as school president, and upon his appointment as President Emeritus, The Friends established the Rev. Joseph G. Campellone, OSFS Endowment Fund , and identified the fund as a receiver for specific annual fundraising and for inclusion in The Campaign for 3301. This commitment of future funding will allow the Endowment Fund to grow, and continue to support the students and families in need.

A Call To Action

Secure The Future of Father Judge

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